It was Kevin Alejandro calling “action” on the set of Lucifer today.

That’s because our favorite Detective Douche is directing Lucifer’s Season 5 cliffhanger.

Episode 8 is the midseason finale (there are 16 total episodes) and we’re betting, based on what we can find from the stars, it’s a heartbreaking story.

Last week, the writers shared on Twitter that the episode 8 title is “Spoiler Alert.”

Directed by Alejandro and written by Chris Rafferty.



Lucifans have been speculating that “Spoiler Alert” will be a dark and dramatic midseason cliffhanger.

The first clue is Rafferty wrote the story.

The second is that D.B. Woodside let us know it features a lot of Amenadiel and Maze.

“You guys are gonna be blown away,” Woodside tweeted. “And that’s all I’m allowed to say.”



Kevin posted an IG picture, looking like a director, with the caption “Day One.”



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Day one!!! #lucifer @lucifernetflix #director #midseasonfinale

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Alejandro also directed the 26th episode of Season 3, which was intended for Season 4.

After FOX canceled the show it aired the episode as an extra.

The episode, titled “Once Upon A Time,” envisioned an alternate universe where Lucifer (Tom Ellis) never met Chloe Decker (Lauren German).

It also featured Neil Gaiman as the voice of God.

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As for Rafferty, he has written several episodes for “Lucifer,” including the heartbreaking “A Priest Walks Into A Bar” – the episode Jim Heath chose as the best episode of all.

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“I liked Lucifer from the first episode, but it took until the 9th episode before it completely became my favorite show,” said Heath. “The writing in that episode was so strong, and Tom Ellis revealed himself to be more than just a cheeky devil, he’s a really good actor. The whole concept of Lucifer screaming at his perfect father, God, asking “what will it take” to please him after a priest was murdered. Well, I was officially in the fandom at that point.”

Co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich told that she and Joe Henderson had to fight with Fox to keep some of the scenes in the show.

“My favorite scene is where Lucifer sits at the piano with the priest and they play some blues together,” said Modrovich. “Again, in typical cop procedural manner, every scene has to drive that procedural story forward. That scene didn’t. It was actually flagged to be cut. Joe and I had to advocate for it as a character beat. We’re a cop procedural, but this is also a character show. We believed it could be better than just a cop procedural. And I feel like that piano scene turned out to be one of the iconic moments in the show.”

Netflix is expected to drop the first eight episodes of Lucifer Season 5 sometime in the spring of 2020.



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