Lucifans on social media are encouraged to vote now in TV Guide’s “Best Fandom” contest.

For the second year in a row, TV Guide is leaving the honor of Best Fandom of 2019 up to the people.

They’ve identified 18 fandoms, from Lucifer to Arrow to Suits, as the most vocal TV fanbases on social media this year.

Now it’s time to make all the Lucifans passion count!

For the first round of voting, all you have to do is check out this Twitter thread below and retweet and/or like the tweet that corresponds with whatever hive you’re repping:



Whichever shows earn the most engagement will face off in another voting round on TV Guide’s Instagram page later this week.

@Lucifansgroup1, the leading Lucifer fan Twitter account, put out this request to all the stars of the show to help out:



Yes, this is a cheap way for TV Guide to run up some more likes on their Twitter and IG accounts.

But, it’s also a free way for Lucifans to show support for our favorite devil!

Last year, the Supernatural family earned the title of Best Fandom of 2018.

Lucifans don’t want that to happen again!


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Attribution:TV Guide
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