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Tom Ellis has been quiet about the ongoing rumors that Netflix wants a Season 6 of Lucifer.

For over a year, the cast, producers and writers have been counting down the days until production of Season 5 was over.

It’s been a tearful and joyful time in the Lucifandom.

After rescuing Lucifer from Fox two years ago, Netflix made it clear that there would only be two more seasons of the popular show – enough time to write an appropriate ending to the series.

Some agents had already been shopping around various cast members, hoping to line up their next gig before the 16 Lucifer episodes dropped this year.

And that includes Ellis, who has developed a solid reputation in the LA entertainment industry, and probably wouldn’t have to look too far for another lead role.

The devil wasn’t his first role, and actors love to play many parts over the course of their careers.

Ellis played a Hollywood physician in Rush, and Gary Preston in the hit TV show Miranda which aired on the BBC.

His towering stature and dark good looks make him perfect candidate for a comedy or drama, where he can nail the role as either a manipulative or charismatic character.

Ellis is well respected by his fellow actors, and a person who has flaws just like everyone else.

In other words, he’s an easy sell.

So the question is whether Ellis, and his management team, had been busy working on landing other projects prior to the shocking news that Netflix had changed its mind and wanted at least one more season of Lucifer.

Remember, Ellis was out in front of the #SaveLucifer campaign two years ago, pushing for another media giant to pick up the show.

But there has been no such push from Ellis this time around on social media.

He was already bidding farewell to the role last year.

On Instagram, Ellis wrote to his 3.6 million followers that it “has been an utter privilege” to play the devil:

“I took this selfie on March 17th 2015 just before leaving my trailer to shoot the first scene on the pilot episode of #Lucifer I was really nervous and at that moment. I couldn’t have dreamed that we would get to where we are now…I have had the most Amazing ride making life long friends and playing a character that I truly Love. It has been an utter privilege. More importantly I want to say YOU the fans have been the cherry on the cake of this whole journey. You will forever be precious to me and I cannot thank you enough for your passion, support and kindness for the past 4 and half years. Here’s to a Rocking season 5 and going out on a high!!!!!!! ❤️🙏🏽😈 #Lucifer”


Could the pot of gold under Tom’s rainbow be something other than Lucifer?


JimHeath.TV has been promoting Ellis as Daniel Craig’s replacement as the next James Bond.

His role as the snarky and devilish Lucifer has actually just been a extra long audition for one of the premiere jobs in Hollywood.

And in case you’re wondering if Tom is up for it, he tweeted us that he was in:


Kristin Harris, at @knight_vision on Twitter, designed an amazing video that you can easily imagine playing in any theater in the world!

It shows Tom in various scenes as Lucifer, which translate so remarkably into Bond.

“It’s a special video montage I made in support of Tom Ellis as the next James Bond,” said Kristin. “He was born for this role and would be absolutely perfect! The footage features Lucifer and Rush.”

The video has racked up over 150K views on YouTube.



Netflix is in talks with series producer Warner Bros. TV about another installment of Lucifer.

Executive producers Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson, who have been steering the show, would need to make a new deal but would like to do another season.

If all comes together, the plan would be for Lucifer to go back into production in September, about the time when the Season 5 final eight episodes are expected to be dropped on Netflix.

The question is: What does Tom Ellis want?

It could be a devilish answer.


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