Without any fanfare, Netflix announced Sunday that Season 5 Part 1 of Lucifer would drop on August 21.

The announcement was posted for most of Sunday on current episodes of Lucifer.

Netflix had already released its July list of upcoming shows and Lucifer was not on it, so the August date made sense.

[UPDATE: Read We Were Right – Release Date IS August 21]


The announcement on Netflix that Season 5 Part 1 was “Coming August 21”


After Netflix posted the date, Lucifans were obviously elated with the news:





But as suddenly as the August 21 date appeared, it disappeared.

After a lot of traffic to JimHeath.TV from Los Angeles throughout the afternoon after we broke the news, Netflix suddenly removed the date and replaced it with “Another Season Is Coming.”




The cast and writers did not tweet about the date, and this may be an attempt by Netflix to put the genie back in the bottle.

The streaming giant isn’t saying who was responsible for putting the date on episodes, and they have yet to release a statement.

The release date was a day before the DC-themed, online-only convention, dubbed DC FanDome.

The free “immersive virtual fan experience” is a 24-hour-long event to be held on August 22.

Whether the Lucifer drop date was supposed to be announced in coordination with that convention is unknown.

We do know that the cast is back shooting the final episodes of the fifth season now.

The big question is whether those episodes have been turned into one more giant cliffhanger, as a Season 6 now seems certain.


Dennis Haysbert joins Tom Ellis on Lucifer for Season 5.


If the first 8 episodes are released in August, the second 8 episodes will likely be dropped in February, which is a major ratings period in television.

This news follows a message from Lucifer star D.B. Woodside who tweeted last week: β€œDear Lucifans. Good things are happening. Pls continue to be patient.”



This story is DEVELOPING – please check back for updated details.



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