Social media has been on fire with rumors and speculation that Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder would be replacing Tom Ellis for Season 6 of Lucifer.

Despite the gossip being circulated on websites like Newsweek, we can report those rumors are not true.

One erroneous story online had Lucifer’s co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich laughing on Twitter:



Somerhalder’s Netflix show, V Wars, was cancelled in March after one season, and he is in no mood to work for the streaming giant anytime soon.

In fact, he’s trying to motivate fans to do what Lucifans did after the show was canceled, find a new home for V Wars.

On Instagram he wrote: “VWars is NOT DONE. There is life for Dr. Swann and this incredible story. The war is just beginning.”

And taking a cue from Lucifans he added: “Just between you and me, you all came out in mass to see this show. This is a hit show, you came out in mass. I don’t mean 10 or 20 million of you, I mean tens of millions of you,” he said in the video. “So obviously, we have some stuff to work out, but once I have some information you’ll be the first to know. I’m so grateful for you.”



Lucifer co-showrunner Joe Henderson weighed in late Tuesday calling all the social media buzz “fake news.”



The constant swirl of rumors around what’s happening behind-the-scenes at Lucifer isn’t helped by the lack of news coming from Netflix.

While it has been reported that Ellis has come to terms with a Season 6 contract, he has not mentioned it on social media.

And there has been no word yet on when the first eight episodes of Season 5 will be dropped.

Lucifer is not on the Netflix schedule for July, meaning it will be August at the earliest.

We have confirmed the final episodes of Season 5 are being shot now, but we do not know whether those episodes will bring the series to an end, or result in a cliffhanger for Season 6.

Modrovich and Henderson have reportedly agreed to a sixth season, and writers could be busy restructuring the season 5 finale.

Bottom line: The more rumors that swirl, the greater necessity for Netflix and the cast to say something.

Fans deserve some good news!



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