Our favorite forensic scientist may have finally found her person when Lucifer returns.

Life is certainly going to change for Ella Lopez (Aimee Garcia) when Pete Daily (Alex Koch) comes into her life.

Garcia discussed the upcoming season at a recent Lucifer telecom:

“Ella is usually in her own lane, doesn’t get much booty or much action, we just see her as this dorky kinda frenzied geek,” said Garcia. “So it’s really exciting to see her get more into her personal life. She’s so confident who she is, so it’s really exciting to see her have a crisis of self. A big part of that is not wanting to put herself out there for love. So we’re going to get to see Ella’s journey outside of work. We’ll see how she handles her biggest challenge, so far, which is not how did this person die, but how do you let yourself fall in love.”

While we’ve enjoyed Ella’s antics on the show, writers are determined to give her character more depth this season.

“It’s just bad news bears in the love department for Ella at the beginning of season 5, which I like because she can’t be perfect,” added Garcia. “Then, she finally, finally, finally, dates a good guy. And she lets him, and it’s so much more intimate because it’s not just physical. They go to Star Trek conventions, and they go to dinner and there’s wine and candles. They speak Klingon together.”


Star Trek fans know full well Peter’s decision to don the Enterprise’s red uniform could spell trouble for the new character in the future.


She continued: “It’s a match made in heaven. He’s the male version of Ella. He’s just as geeky.”

Unfortunately, Peter is wearing an infamous red Star Trek uniform in an episode.

Characters and extras in the Star Trek universe who wear the red version of the uniform are often treated as nameless cannon fodder.

This has occurred so often in Star Trek’s long history of television and film series that the term is often parodied in other media, and has become shorthand for minor characters whose sole purpose is to die in the heat of battle.

While all ‘Lucifans’ can agree they only want what’s best for the quirky CSI, the Star Trek Easter egg may have hinted towards a tragic loss for Ella Lopez in season five.

Let’s hope we’re too smart for the writers!

Viewers will most likely recognize Koch from his role as Junior Remie in the CBS series Under the Dome.

In Under the Dome, Koch starred alongside Mike Vogel, Colin Ford, Eddie Cahill, Rachelle Lefevre and Natalie Martinez

He is also well known for playing Mark in the television film Parked.

Most recently, he starred in the CBS series The Code as Bard.

In The Code, he starred opposite Luke Mitchell, Dana Delany and Anna Wood.

Koch made his film debut in Eddie O’Keefe’s short film The Ghosts as Frank in 2011.

Since then, he has gone to star in the films Always Shine Maya Dardel and Big Fork.

He recently starred in the drama thriller film Black Bear as Mike, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2020.



In Black Bear, he starred alongside Christopher Abbot, Sarah Gadon and Aubrey Plaza.

Koch will star in the upcoming drama-thriller film Sightless as Clayton, opposite Madelaine Petsch.

Garcia has been busy this year, recently joining the romantic comedy movie Match Me If You Can, where she will be executive producing and starring in the new film.

Her work on the upcoming season of Lucifer is being called top-notch.

“Aimee should win an Emmy this season,” said co-star Kevin Alejandro during the telecom. “I’m not fucking kidding guys. The shit that she does.”

Aimee responded, “Oh my God, he never says stuff like that. Thank you.”

The first 8 of 16 episodes of Lucifer’s 5th season premiere on Netflix on August 21.


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