A Lucifer online event today allowed hungry fans to eat up some delicious information about the upcoming Season 5.

Stars D.B. Woodside (Amenadiel), Tricia Helfer (Charlotte), Kevin Alejandro (Dan Espinoza), and Aimee Garcia (Ella Lopez) headlined the event which helped raise over $9,000 for hunger charities.

During the hour long session the stars were asked a variety of questions, both personal and professional, and Tricia offered a heartfelt goodbye to Lucifan Jane Wilson who died earlier this week from cancer.

Aaron Sagers, host of the Travel Channel’s Paranormal Paparazzi, asked Kevin and Aimee what we can expect from Dan and Ella in the upcoming season.

For Kevin, a dark and emotional story line seems to be ahead.

“I think the audience can sort of expect Dan to go back to who he was in the beginning,” said Alejandro. “More fed up, more confused and a little more shut down. He’s more introverted in what was supposed to be the final season. He’s trying to figure out his purpose in life, and try to figure out Lucifer’s purpose in life. He’s a lost human. He gets light of certain things that start to drive the rest of his passions throughout the season. That’s all I can say.”

For Aimee, it’s a much bigger plot line than the previous four seasons.

“Ella is usually in her own lane, doesn’t get much booty or much action, we just see her as this dorky kinda frenzied geek,” said Garcia. “So it’s really exciting to see her get more into her personal life. She’s so confident who she is, so it’s really exciting to see her have a crisis of self. A big part of that is not wanting to put herself out there for love. So we’re going to get to see Ella’s journey outside of work. We’ll see how she handles her biggest challenge, so far, which is not how did this person die, but how do you let yourself fall in love.”

Garcia has been busy this year, recently joining the romantic comedy movie Match Me If You Can, where she will be executive producing and starring in the new film.

Her work on the upcoming season of Lucifer is being called top-notch.

“Aimee should win an Emmy this season,” said Kevin, “I’m not fucking kidding guys. The shit that she does.”

Aimee responded, “Oh my God, he never says stuff like that. Thank you.”



One of the most fascinating things we know about the upcoming season is that Tom Ellis will be playing duel roles, as both Lucifer and his twin brother Michael.

Perhaps no one will have more scenes with both characters than D.B.

“I had quite a few scenes with him playing both guys,” said Woodside. “First, man is Tom talented. I think people are going to be blown away to see him doing two distinctively different characters, but you can tell belong to the same family. I just think he did a great job. I can’t wait to see it. Some of the stuff, if people can imagine this, we’re watching Tom doing both these roles, but we haven’t seen it. So, we’re going to be watching it to see how they cut it all together. Our first time seeing it will be your first time as well. It’s exciting, I just think he did a smashing job.”

And what about Lucifer’s twin?

“Michael’s a dick, let’s just be honest,” laughed Woodside. “He’s just not a very nice guy. I think with all the stuff that’s gone on between Lucifer and Amenadiel is that these two brothers have gotten a lot closer. Lucifer can be a little extra, but they have found their rhythm. Michael is an exaggerated version of the way Lucifer used to be. Amenadiel is not a fan of his.”



Kevin agreed with D.B., and added his admiration for Tom’s concentration playing two parts.

“Just talking with Tom during the beginning process of him doing both, there is always a fear with us as actors that you create a character everyone understands and believes, and then you have to do a whole other one,” said Alejandro. “So, there was a little fear, but I think Tom handled it like a champion, and I think the audience is going to not be able to see through him at all. I think he did a excellent job of balancing the good and evil, because we all have good and evil in us. I think Tom did a really good job of balancing that on camera.”

And the cast was anxious to discuss a certain scene coming up that should air around the holidays.

“There’s an episode that one of our showrunners Joe Henderson wrote that is absolutely fantastic,” said Woodside. “It’s a long family dinner, and that’s probably all I’m allowed to say. But it’s a long family dinner, and as some family dinners can go, it’s tense, it’s awkward, it’s uncomfortable, but it’s brilliant. And you’ll get a chance to see Tom playing both characters in a very long scene that I think will be gut wrenching and absolutely fall down hilarious.”

Garcia added: “That scene for me is like a play. It’s just characters around a table. It’s not only heart breaking and hilarious, but I think it’s relatable. When you see them at a family dinner, something we can all relate to, especially during the holidays. It’s going to bring these angels and celestial creatures, it’s going to ground them because daddy is coming home.”



There was one disappointing note during the session.

Tricia revealed, “I’m not in Season 6.”

That prompted D.B. to say, “She has to come back for Season 6,” and Aimee responded, “We all love Trish so never say never!”

Trish did reveal a little more about her upcoming appearance in Season 5.

“It was put out there in the press, that picture (see above), and that episode has not been held secretive,” said Helfer. “I think the fans know there are elements of that episode that are not in the norm of Lucifer. I’m just glad to be back. I’m playing neither mom or Charlotte. I think you’re going to love the episode. Kevin made me laugh so hard in one scene I almost peed my pants.”



D.B., Kevin and Aimee were each asked about how they heard the news there will be a sixth season.

“We found out in the last month, so it was a little strange because we had been grieving for months while we were shooting the show,” said D.B. “So, it was a mixture of joy and sadness. We spent the entire season getting ready to say goodby to the show, then we get that shot, and it was a bit confusing but great news. I think everybody was overjoyed.”

It was a little tougher for Kevin to keep the secret.

“Every second of the day I’d say ‘I know something you don’t know,'” he laughed. “I found out the last episode we were shooting and I had the same feeling like, ‘whoa this is real, this is going to happen.’ It’s hard for me to keep secrets, especially if they’re good ones.”

And Aimee added: “I got a call from Joe and Ildy they said so we have something to tell you, the end might not be the end. I’m like what? And they were like don’t tell anybody. I was told this awesome secret and couldn’t tell anybody, so it was challenging.”

The stars confirmed that both Kevin and D.B. had directed episodes this season, and that production on season 6 had not yet started.

“Hopefully the world will open up and we can get started on it sooner than later,” said Kevin.

Jane Ann Wilson

At the end of the event, Tricia sent out a special shoutout for longtime Lucifan Jane Wilson, who lost her battle with cancer earlier this week.

“I know Lucifans are a wonderful and close group and I heard Lucifans lost one of original members, that coined ‘Lucifans’ and was a big proponent of the show,” she said. “A big proponent of Lucifans, and the fan interaction that helped get the show picked up again, and she lost her battle with cancer. Just wanted to send a shout out to her, and say Charlotte is looking after her. To all the rest of you who knew her via the internet or mutual support of the show, because I know it’s shocking to hear, I’m giving a little love to her and know Charlotte’s taking care of her.”

The first 8 episodes of the Season 5 of Lucifer will be dropped on Netflix on August 21.



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