As if Tom Ellis didn’t have enough to do, now he’s playing Lucifer’s twin.

That’s right.

Our favorite devil returns from Hell – sortof – as Michael.

That’s just one of the juicy things we learn from the first trailer for the upcoming season 5.

Michael, played by Ellis with a creepy American accent, has something nasty planned for Lucifer’s life.

“I’m not gonna break Lucifer’s life. I’m gonna take it,” the angel Michael declares.

Check out some of the highlights:






WATCH: Netflix Trailer For Lucifer Season 5



Netflix made the first trailer available this morning.



Lucifer’s favorite doctor Rachel Harris tweeted this morning: “Hmmmmm something is ‘Different’ about Lucifer this season? Get ready.”

The first 8 episodes of Lucifer will be dropped on Netflix on August 21.

The second 8 episodes will be released in early 2021, with the sixth and final season to follow.

Are you ready for a trip back to Hell?



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