Tom Ellis has had enough online hate, and he made his point clear in a tweet yesterday.

In a direct message to those who have been tweeting hateful messages to he and his family, Ellis didn’t mince any words.

“Just taking a sec out of spending time with my beautiful family to kindly ask anyone trolling me or my wife and claiming to be a lucifan to Back the fuck off. You are not welcome and never will be. We don’t accept bullies. Laters.”



The aggravation comes after nearly a year of hateful Tweets aimed at Ellis and his wife, screenwriter Meaghan Oppenheimer.

“Lucifans helped save the show when it was canceled by Fox, but a few really hateful people emerged in the fandom,” said one top supporter of Ellis. “The intensity of bullying really increased after Tom and Meaghan married last summer.”

A common problem on Twitter is when one person opens multiple accounts and begins to attack a celebrity or news organization as if dozens of people are speaking.

Accounts can be reported to Twitter for violating their policies, but only after the bullying has been unleashed.

“It’s like whack-a-mole, where you finally get rid of one hateful account only to watch the same person come after you with another name,” said the supporter of Tom. “It’s spam, but the words can be ugly even if only one person is generating them.”

Ellis has been overwhelmingly popular portraying the devil in the Netflix series.

But just like in Hell, some trolls have been relentless in unleashing their unstable hate.

JimHeath.TV hasn’t been spared the ugliness.

One self-described lucifan has left regular messages of hate on various Lucifer articles.

In one, she suggests Donald Trump’s reelection would result in all his opponents, including a vast majority of the Lucifer cast and crew, being “locked up.”

“Hopefully once Trump is re-elected we can get you nutbags locked up properly where you belong,” wrote the creator of “lucifanstv.”



In another hateful post, she made more threats.

“Yes, I am in charge of 100K fans of Lucifer and can spread the word rather quickly. TRY ME.”


We have identified the person behind the continuing bullying, and have blocked her from posting here.

Tom and Meaghan have also become increasingly political on their social media pages, backing Planned Parenthood, Blacks Lives Matter and Joe Biden.

That has left some right-wing pro-Trump Lucifer fans enraged.

“The fandom has drastically changed in the past year and this person is influencing behaviors that should not be acceptable period,” said another top lucifan supporter. “Angry, volatile people always need a target. It’s all they have.”



The first 8 of 16 episodes of Season 5 of Lucifer drop on Netflix this Friday.

Let’s hope the hate directed at Tom and Meaghan and others in the lucifan community goes away for good.


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