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The amazing D.B. Woodside has corrected earlier reports that Season 6 of Lucifer would be only 8 episodes.

Some media organizations incorrectly reported that the final season of popular Netflix show would be half the number of Season 5 (which will run 16 total episodes).

Leave it to our favorite angel Amenadiel to quickly correct the record.

‘Y’all are hilarious,” tweeted D.B. ‘It will be 10 amazing episodes! Now let me get off twitter before my phone starts blowing up!”



Lucifer himself, Tom Ellis, had discussed the 10 episodes in an interview last week.

“Where we finish our show in Season 6 is where we were going to finish in Season 5 — but we obviously got another story to tell in between as a breaking off point,” said Tom. “Where Lucifer would have finished before, there’s now 10 episodes of another story that then ties in and comes back to where we were going to finish it. That’s what I can tell you.”

The remaining eight episodes of Season 5 are not yet complete, but production on Lucifer restarts on Sept. 24.

Netflix is expected to drop Season 6 sometime next spring.




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