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A profane chant mocking Joe Biden broke out at college football games for the second straight week in stadiums across Southern states as the president’s approval ratings dip following the chaotic evacuation from Afghanistan and his controversial vaccine mandate for federal workers.

The F*** Joe Biden shouts echoed throughout stadiums during games played by Coastal Carolina, Virginia Tech, Auburn, Alabama State, Mississippi State, North Carolina State and Texas A&M.

The Trump era has unleashed public ugliness, with the former one-term president insisting he didn’t lose the election, even while his own Homeland Security and Justice Department called it the ‘most secure election in American history.’

Twitter users pointed out that the protest chant – with the simple lyrics ‘f*** Joe Biden’ sung between claps – are mostly from colleges in states that Donald Trump won in the 2020 election.

Video posted by Old Row Sports shows fans of Coastal Carolina University in Conway, S.C., laughing in the stands as the ‘f*** Joe Biden’ chants break out.



In one video, the chanting interrupted a panel of commentators recording at a studio above a stadium.



The chants were heard at a Coastal Carolina game against the Citadel on September 2 and at a Texas A&M game against Kent State on September 4.

They were heard again on Saturday at games between Mississippi State and North Carolina State and Auburn and Alabama State.

The chant has even spread to professional sports, uniting Yankees and Mets fans after a game in New York on Saturday.

Video from that day shows fans of both teams chanting the ugly words as they leave Citi Field in Queens.




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