For most of the Big Brother 20 finale it appeared that our earlier prediction of Kaycee making a half million dollar mistake by taking Tyler Crispen to the end appeared to be happening.

It was like watching a train wreck in slow motion – or the Season 16 finale all over again.

As nice-guy Cody Calafiore did in that finale, nice-girl Kaycee won the final Head of Household competition.

And just like Cody, she skipped the easy win by not taking the weaker player (JC in her case, Victoria in his) to the end, and instead sticking with loyalty and going with the ride-or-die.

Cody Calafiore, Julie Chen-Moonves, Derrick Levasseur

The decison cost Calafiore the victory in 2014, as Derrick Levasseur rightfully took the prize.

Tyler Crispen, Julie Chen-Moonves, Kaycee Clark

But, hang on, Kaycee’s jury in 2018 wasn’t Cody Calafiore’s jury!

She would prove me (and a lot of other Super Fans) who picked Tyler wrong.

Kaycee Clark proved once and for all that the perfectly decent social Big Brother player can win.

And Cody was quick to rub that in on Twitter:

Nailed it.

Derrick (a member of our BB Mount Rushmore) offered Kaycee his congratulations:

In a way, that’s too bad for Tyler because the truly better strategic player (perhaps that’s why Derrick said he played a hell of a game) didn’t win.

On the other hand, is it really a bad thing that a perfectly decent player won?

Not at all. Kaycee is a great Big Brother champion.

And they both prove that you never know how a jury is going to tilt.

Especially, Scottie in my opinion. I mean, really? Putting emotion above game play? His vote was the most shocking to me.

Season 10 winner (and another member of our BB Mount Rushmore) Dan Gheesling agreed, and predicts the cut-throat style of game is gone for all time:

Andy Herren, another past Big Brother winner (who is NOT on our BB Mount Rushmore) absolutely hated the results:

America appreciated Tyler’s play, though, and awarded him America’s Favorite Player (something Calafiore should have won in his season).

As a weird side note, Chris “Swaggy C” Williams got on one knee and popped the question to his showmance girlfriend and former houseguest Bayleigh Dayton. It was a hijacking of Kaycee and Tyler’s show. Really? Shouldn’t they date a couple weeks first? Congrats, I guess?

Here’s how the votes went down:





Another split jury, a 5-4 win for Kaycee.

The Big Brother game is as divided as America!

Big Brother has sorta been renewed for Season 21 (no official word from CBS, although Chen-Moonves said it would happen), however, the Celebrity Edition of Big Brother has already been given the green light for this winter.

There were also plenty of leaks from inside the game this season. Will CBS investigate production to determine how the leaks happened?

Season 15 player Nick Uhas and I pick the four best BB players of all time. Do you agree with our Mount Rushmore?

And, my own special relationship with Big Brother goes back to 2001!

Congrats Kaycee!

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