Sometimes a reality TV show has such a remarkably bad moment during a season that you’re just finished with it.

And that’s where my 83 year old mother, and a 27 season-long fan of Dancing with the Stars, found herself today.

She could live with The Bachelor’s “Grocery Store” Joe Amabile making a mockery of the dance show for weeks, thanks to his zealous fans calling in to support him.

But watching Juan Pablo Di Pace’s elimination, at the same moment Amabile was sent packing, was just too much for her to bear.

Juan Pablo and his partner Cheryl Burke were the highest scoring couple throughout the season.

And even more impressive was that their last 4 dances all received perfect scores from the judges.

Juan Pablo and his partner Cheryl Burke were the overwhelming favorites on Dancing with the Stars.

In the opinion of the judges, and many fans, Juan Pablo was the best celebrity dancer in the history of the show.

“He just looks like a member of the actual cast,” my mother said many times this season.

Last night, after the couple performed a flawless salsa, head judge Len Goodman said:

“If you’re not in the final, I’m going to go home and pickle me walnuts.”

In case you missed it, here is Juan Pablo’s salsa:

It received a perfect score.

But perfect scores were not enough to overcome the apparent lack of public votes that Juan Pablo Di Pace was receiving.

Len, along with judges Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli, were completely shocked by the elimination.

Judges Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli react to Juan Pablo Di Pace’s elimination.

As was my mother and loyal fan, who says she’ll skip the finale next Monday night.

“It doesn’t matter who actually wins to me now,” she said. “The best dancer is gone and everyone knows it.”

She’s hardly alone in that assessment, as evidenced by the outrage on social media.

With the controversy raging on, Juan Pablo made this statement on Twitter:

There is a remedy:

The original version of this show prepared for this type of development.

ABC’s Dancing with the Stars is actually based on the British TV series Strictly Come Dancing (the BBC production logo is shown at the beginning of each broadcast).

They have an entirely different judging system in place for their show.

Strictly initially scores dancers on a combination of judges’ ratings and the fans vote.

The two couples with the lowest number of points from a combination of judges’ scores and the results of the vote will go into a dance-off at the end of the show.

And that dance off, if used last night, would have seen Grocery Store Joe sent (rightfully) packing, and Juan Pablo into the finales.

Producers of the American version of Strictly would be well advised to take a rules change into consideration.

What happened last night may be good for drama and ratings, but it is not healthy for a dance show that will crown the wrong winner this season.

In the meantime, Len is home pickling some walnuts, and my mom is preparing to watch something else Monday night.

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