It’s been a good month for JimHeath.TV, your home of fact news.

This week we topped the 300,000 views mark, a milestone in the nine month history of our website.

In addition, our May totals have been through the roof, set to leave a mark that may be difficult to beat – at least for awhile.


Monthly activity on JimHeath.TV


The graph shows how May, 2019 – with over a week still to go – has overshadowed past months.

The increase is due, in large part, to a May 5 article we posted about Lucifer star Tom Ellis becoming the next James Bond.



It spread like wildfire on social media after #lucifans began circulating it widely on social media.

On May 5 alone JimHeath.TV experienced over 30,000 views.

From Lucifer to James Bond, Tom Ellis is ready to be James Bond

Yesterday, JimHeath.TV posted a poll asking whether Lucifer should be renewed by Netflix for a fifth season, or whether the cast should head to the big screen.

LUCIFER: Netflix Petition Drive & Poll

Over 1,000 Lucifer fans voted in a 24 hour period (with “both” being the overwhelming favorite).



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We’d like to invite you to consider a monthly subscription plan as well.

Our website is not Netflix or Amazon, but we clearly want to make a difference presenting Fact News as we head to 2020 and beyond.

Thanks for your support and generosity!

Together, we are insisting that facts still matter!


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