Lucifer is already the best success story of 2019 after being dumped by Fox and then topping Netflix’s weekly binge-list.

New fans are discovering the show by the groves, and now all focus in on an expected season 5.

Tom Ellis and the whole cast are so popular it’s just a matter of time before Netflix confirms season five (we hear by the first week of June).

But Lucifans, burnt once before by Fox, can’t wait.

After their cries to save Lucifer were heard by Netflix in 2019, a new petition has launched, pleading for another season.



It reads: “Lucifer” has just gotten picked up by Netflix, after being canceled by Fox. Fans were very excited to see a “Lucifer” season 4, but sadly it is only 10 episodes long rather than at least 12 episodes per season. Now I know this is early, but WE NEED A LUCIFER SEASON 5. CALLING OUT ALL LUCIFER FANS!!!

The petition [sign here] had over 1,000 signers in just hours.

It’s clear fans want Netflix to start production as soon as possible.

Lauren German is on board for a season 5.

German wrote on Twitter:

Showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich have already teased potential ideas for a fifth season if (or when) Netflix does decide to renew the show.

“We have a lot of exciting ways, and one way in particular, to do it that launches an awesome, awesome season 5,” said Henderson.

But, is a season 5 on Netflix enough?



As we’ve discussed before, DC movies have struggled against their Marvel counterparts.

The recent Superman and Batman films have been, let’s just say it: Bad.

By next Christmas, wouldn’t it be fun to have a witty and action packed movie to fill the void?

DC could make Lucifer their new big screen franchise.

Plus, Tom Ellis is going to be James Bond soon.

[From Lucifer To James Bond – Tom Ellis Is Ready For Next Step]

His movie career has already been preordained by God (or dad if we want to stay in character).

After JimHeath.TV promoted Ellis for the iconic role, he tweeted that he agreed with the Bond idea:



So, before that happens, why not take one of the most successful modern TV franchises and give it a film run?



Ellis, himself, has already suggested we’re at a good starting point, following the Season 4 cliffhanger, for a movie:

“I think we leave it in a place where, hopefully, people will be going, ‘You can’t leave it there!’ Which is always, you know, the key,” said Ellis last week.

So what will it be Lucifans?

A season 5 on Netflix, or a movie, or both?

Vote in our JimHeath.TV poll and we’ll tweet the results to Tom and the Lucifer writers to let them know the results!


Meanwhile, Aimee Garcia has announced on Twitter she’s headed to New Zealand next month:

[Lucifer Does More To Promote Christianity Than Other Heavenly Shows]


Tom Welling, who played Cain on the show, will also be there!


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