It’s safe to say that Lucifer fans came close to crashing our web server yesterday, running up a record number of views in a 24 hour period.

The article advocating Lucifer star Tom Ellis be the next James Bond racked up 30,192 views in a single day, smashing our previous record of 4,467.

Today’s views, still fueled by Lucifer, are over 7.200, easily becoming the second best day on our website.

[From Lucifer To 007 – Why Tom Ellis Will Be The Next James Bond]

The response to the article, written and edited over several days to capture the various reasons why Ellis is the natural choice to replace Daniel Craig in the next Bond movie, was chosen by Google as one of its top entertainment stories.

When added to the fuel provided by Twitter accounts like Lucifansgroup1 and Luci fans on Facebook, the website witnessed a day of unbelievable activity.



For hours on Sunday JimHeath.TV was witnessing viewers from all over world, with the first onslaught from Europe.

Over the course of 48 hours, our website reviewed a record-breaking 4K Google ads (when you click, you help fund this website).

It really shouldn’t be that surprising, considering in the immediate aftermath of the news that Fox had decided to cancel Lucifer in mid-2018, there was uproar across social media.

The hashtag #SaveLucifer quickly started trending worldwide.

In one day it had amassed over one million tweets to the hashtag and continued to pick up speed as fans learned the fate of their beloved show.

#LuciFans were nothing if not resilient and continued to raise hell and petition for another network to consider renewing the show for a fourth season.

[My Take: Why Lucifer Does More To Promote Christianity Than Any Other Heavenly Show]

Lucifer was one of several casualties as Fox gutted its scripted shows, but #LuciFans got what they wanted: A fourth season ordered at Netflix after the streamer struck a deal with Warner Brothers television.

Earlier today, after Ellis retweeted several national publications promoting the upcoming season of Lucifer, Jim Heath reminded him that it was fan blogs that gave the devil extended life.

Ellis tweeted a response that he agreed, adding “In fact, I agree with everything you say.”



That could be a signal that Ellis is on board with playing the iconic James Bond when Eon Productions comes calling (not a question of “if” but “when.”)

Politicos will remember a favorite episode from 2016 when Lucifer went out of its way to condemn then President-elect Donald Trump.

Episode 8, “Trip to Stabby Town,” witnessed Lucifer (Tom Ellis) in a session with his therapist Linda (Rachael Harris) who’s asking Satan a series of questions about hell and its occupants.

“How did you actually torture Hitler in Hell?” Linda asks. “I mean, is his cell next to Idi Amin’s? Or Mussolini’s? Or is there kind of a tyrant wing in Hell?”

Lucifer, initially reluctant to reply, eventually indulges Linda.

“So, we can, You know, talk about Caligula, Stalin, Trump. I mean, I know he’s not dead, but he’s definitely going,” Lucifer says of 45th president.

Ellis is no personal fan of Trump either.

In 2017 he tweeted: “Unfortunately Trump says lots of things. Most of them stupid. A lot of them ignorant. Like the people who still stand up for him.”

We don’t know if there will be any nods to politics in the fourth season that is now just hours away from dropping on Netflix.

A VERY SPECIAL THANKS to #Lucifans around the world for checking out JimHeath.TV!


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