Lucifer star Tom Ellis and screenwriter Meaghan Oppenheimer are getting married this weekend, and both are encouraging fans who want to send a wedding gift to instead donate to Planned Parenthood.

The health care provider, which recently marked its 100th year, is being targeted by anti-abortion lawmakers who have introduced Congressional legislation to block federal funding for the group.

Abortion has been legal for women in America for nearly 50 years, since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973.

Although the non-profit organization says abortions account for only 3% of the services it provides, the funding cuts would threaten health care access for 2.5 million people.

Ellis, who stars as Lucifer, the top binged-watched show on Netflix, and Oppenheimer, a television and movie screenwriter, are strong supporters of the organization, and have let their fans know on Twitter:




Planned Parenthood has 650 centers across the United States.

Among its 2.5 million patients, 1.5 million rely on a form of federal health care insurance including Medicaid and Title X grants, which cover low-income Americans.

If bills currently under consideration in Congress are passed, such programs would no longer pay for Planned Parenthood services.



The majority of services Planned Parenthood provides include: contraception, 31%; prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, 45%; cancer prevention, 7%; and abortion, 3%.

In recent years Planned Parenthood has been victimized by political opponents spreading false narratives about what the organization does – and doesn’t.

But in the beginning, Planned Parenthood had widespread political support.

In Arizona, for example, the state version of Planned Parenthood was founded by Peggy Goldwater, the wife of conservative icon Sen. Barry Goldwater.


Tom & Meaghan the night of their wedding shower in March.


Taking a strong political stand for their wedding does not come as a surprise to anyone that follows their social media accounts.

Oppenheimer chided the state of Georgia last month over their new restrictive anti-abortion law:


Lucifer has had political moments too.

Fans will remember a favorite episode from 2016 when Lucifer went out of its way to condemn then President-elect Donald Trump.

Episode 8, “Trip to Stabby Town,” witnessed Lucifer (Tom Ellis) in a session with his therapist Linda (Rachael Harris) who’s asking Satan a series of questions about hell and its occupants.

“How did you actually torture Hitler in Hell?” Linda asks. “I mean, is his cell next to Idi Amin’s? Or Mussolini’s? Or is there kind of a tyrant wing in Hell?”

Lucifer, initially reluctant to reply, eventually indulges Linda.

“So, we can, You know, talk about Caligula, Stalin, Trump. I mean, I know he’s not dead, but he’s definitely going,” Lucifer says of 45th president.


Ellis, who JimHeath.TV predicts will be the next James Bond, is no personal fan of Trump either.

[From Lucifer To 007 – Why Tom Ellis Will Be The Next James Bond]

In 2017 he tweeted:



Ellis taking some dicey political positions on social media has led Oppenheimer to elbow him from time to time:



Tom began dating screenwriter Meaghan in 2016.

Their wedding this weekend is the second for Ellis, the first for Oppenheimer.

Folks at Planned Parenthood took some time to tweet back a thanks:



Oh behalf of JimHeath.TV – congrats Tom and Meaghan!


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