A massive petition drive helped save Lucifer last year after Fox canceled the show, but the executive producers say times have changed and the upcoming season will be the end.

Both co-showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson have encouraged Lucifans to lay off a #SaveLucifer campaign and just focus on enjoying the former Fox show’s upcoming fifth and final season on Netflix.

Modrovich has followed Henderson’s lead on social media, and says “a fight won’t change things right now.”

In a lengthy statement tweeted earlier in the week, Modrovich addressed “confusion over the recent announcement that this is our last season.”



The online petition has now garnered over 75,000 signatures.

Netflix announced earlier this month — just weeks after the show’s fourth season debuted on the streaming service — that it would end “Lucifer” with a 10-episode fifth and final season to air next year.

The “confusion” Modrovich reference stemmed from the fact that the Netflix revival largely came to fruition due to fan outcry after the show’s cancellation by its former network, Fox, last year.

Star Tom Ellis quickly retweeted Modrovich’s statement and asked fans to read it:



Ellis is already eyeing life beyond playing the devil, now being heavily promoted as the next 007 James Bond.

[From Lucifer to 007 – Tom Ellis Is Ready To Play James Bond]

Daniel Craig, who has elevated Bond’s moodiness to new heights, is finally retiring from the iconic role.

Ellis has played the devil with charm and anger and wit for four seasons, so the transition to Bond, with all his action-packed moodiness, should be simple.

As for the upcoming Season 5, Henderson has been watching closely the petition effort gain popularity this month.

In response, he weighed in making it very clear that S5 will be it.

Replying to fans, Henderson wrote: “Nothing has changed! We are wrapping up all our stories in season 5, our final season.”



In another tweet, he added, “Honestly, we’re telling our ending with season 5. We love all the support, but right now, I’d say time is better spent getting ready for a fitting ending to our characters’ journeys.”




At 77 episodes through five seasons, Lucifer would be one of the longest-running Netflix original series.

The episode count is between veterans Orange Is the New Black (91) and House Of Cards (73).

Lucifer is one week away from becoming the binged-watched show in history:



Lucifer is based on the comic book characters created by Neil Gaiman for DC’s Vertigo Imprint, Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg for Vertigo, stars Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Rachael Harris, DB Woodside, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Aimee Garcia, Tricia Helfer, Scarlett Estevez and Kevin Alejandro.


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