Tom Ellis is still on his honeymoon, contemplating the fifth and final season of Lucifer, and looking ahead to other challenging roles, perhaps even the iconic James Bond.

Fans were elated when Netflix picked up Lucifer after Fox had dropped it after just three seasons.

And they were even more excited by the recent news the show would be receiving a fifth season.

But it will be the final season.

Something Lucifans are still coming to terms with.

On Instagram, Ellis wrote to his 3.6 million followers that it “has been an utter privilege” to play the devil.

“You will forever be precious to me and I cannot thank you enough for your passion, support and kindness for the past four and half years,” Ellis wrote.

And then he acknowledged the reality that the show is ending.

“Here’s to a rocking season five and going out on a high!!!!”



Netflix has not announced when production on the final season of Lucifer will begin, or how many episodes there will be.

Analysts believe it will be the around the same number as Season 4, 10 episodes.

Now that Ellis seems at peace with the ending of Lucifer, he’s already considering other roles.

Daniel Craig, who has elevated Bond’s moodiness to new heights, is retiring from the iconic role.

And there has already been years of debate about who should replace him.

Ellis has played the devil with charm and anger and wit for four seasons, so the transition to Bond, with all his action-packed moodiness, should be simple.

His role as the snarky and devilish Lucifer has actually just been a extra long audition for one of the premiere jobs in Hollywood.

[From Lucifer to 007 – Ellis Is Ready To Be James Bond]

Before the cast of Lucifer gets back to work, Ellis continues his interest in charitable and political causes.

Today he tweeted about The Race For The Kids:


Ellis, and his new wife Meaghan, are also strong supporters of Planned Parenthood, and let their fans know on Twitter prior to their wedding:




Both Tom and Meaghan posted pictures today from their honeymoon location.



The year 2019 has been pretty good for everyone’s favorite devil.

Seasons 1-4 of Lucifer are now available on Netflix.


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