Season 4 of Netflix’s “Queer Eye” premiered just a few days ago, and count Lucifer’s Tom Ellis as one of the shows biggest fans.

Ellis tweeted the Fab Five last night, telling them their show makes him cry more than the 80’s hit movie ET.

“I thought nothing would make me cry more than ET,” wrote Tom. “That was until I discovered Queer Eye. I absolutely love the kindness and fun that you wonderful men spread. It never fails to make me cry and smile.”


Emotional scene at end of ET as he says goodbye to his pal Elliott.


Ellis also included one of the Fab Five, Jonathan Van Ness, in the tweet, asking: “Please can me and my wife be your friends? She has Amazing hair.”



Ellis is referring, of course, to his new bride Meaghan Oppenheimer (who does have great hair).

[Lucifer Gets Hitched – Check Out The Wedding Pictures]


Meaghan & Tom – all style.


Meaghan responded to Van Ness with: “You can do whatever you want to my hair.”



A few hours later, Van Ness tweeted back to both Tom and Meaghan: “Yes loves.”



In case you haven’t seen it, the “Fab Five” is the name producers came up with for the five experts on “Queer Eye” — Jonathan Van Ness (grooming expert), Antoni Porowski (food and wine), Bobby Berk (interior design), Karamo Brown (culture) and Tan France (fashion.)

The stars are tasked with helping a subject — or in “Queer Eye” lingo, a “hero” for their ability to be so vulnerable — and get back on their feet after a setback.

While Netflix doesn’t release official viewership numbers, the Emmy-nominated show has clearly resonated with audiences and earned critical acclaim since it debuted as a reboot of the 2003 Bravo makeover series “Queer Eye For the Straight Guy” last year.


Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Cain (Tom Welling) share a jaw-dropping kiss


Tom and Meaghan’s embrace of the LGBTQ community is not new or surprising.

Both have been strong supporters on social media for years.

And Lucifer has been gay-friendly from the beginning.

In fact, when Lucifer first aired on FOX in November 2016, his bisexuality sent ripples through the country.

The bisexual community isn’t usually highlighted when it comes to sympathetic representation on television, and a title character is a big deal.

A second bisexual character, Mazikeen, was the icing on the cake.

And while Ellis may be requesting some personal help from the Fab 5, Lucifer certainly doesn’t need it.



TV’s favorite devil is obsessed with dressing for his part, happily holding up important police business for a wardrobe change.

Grooming is also of utmost importance, verified both visually and by Lucifer’s unabashed admission to “manscaping”.

He also has the stereotypical gay man’s great taste in food and wine, and more than a passing interest for interior decorating.

Lucifer could single-handedly host Queer Eye.

And maybe that’s something the writers will incorporate in Season 5!




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