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Lucifer, the prince of darkness, can be a little self-absorbed, but that isn’t the case for the actor who portrays him.

In fact, the only thing negative you can find said about Tom Ellis is, “he’s easy to work with.”

That’s not really a bad thing.

So it was revealing when Ellis opened up and spoke about the guest star on Lucifer who he just couldn’t stomach.

And how his co-star Lauren German took advantage of it, playing a prank of all pranks on his birthday.



It happened during Season 2, following an appearance by actor Ryan Alosio on Episode 8, “Trip to Stabby Town.”

Alosio has had roles in a variety of television shows, and he’s voiced multiple video games and cartoons.

And, not to forget, he’s also a certified S.C.U.B.A. diver.


Cardboard cutouts of actor Ryan Alosio, used on a Lucifer episode.


“There was a guest star on the show, I’m quite a tolerant person, but they really wound me up,” admitted Ellis. “I found him quite annoying.”

That guest star, of course, was Alsoio.

“His character had a lot of cardboard cutouts made of him, for a part of their set dressing, basically. So a couple weeks after this guy is not around anymore, it’s my birthday and I basically open the trailer door and I walk in and am confronted by about twelve of these full-size cardboard cutouts of the most annoying person I’ve ever met!”

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“Lauren’s in there and I’m like, ‘very, very funny Muffin!’ and clear all of them out, laughing about it. I finally get my shit together and go to have a piss, open the door and there’s three more in the tiny little bathroom!”

“I even put a giant one leaning on the toilet,” German laughed.


Actor Ryan Alosio with Tom Ellis.


We’ve heard from sources that Alosio had the bad habit of getting to set when he had no scenes to shoot.

That led to an uncomfortable feeling among a lot of cast members, and specifically Ellis.

Alosio’s character was killed off in the episode, by Azrael’s blade.

That means he doesn’t have a soul anymore.

It appears any resurrection – ever – is devilish improbable.


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