We’ve been examining recent pictures and videos from the set of Season 5 of Lucifer, much like the Zapruder film, and have noticed something is missing.

That would be Lucifer’s Onyx ring with its black rectangular shaped stone.

Tom Ellis hasn’t been photographed with it on for a couple weeks as he films Season 5, which is highly unusual when he’s in Lucifer mode.

To normal people this would be no big deal.

To the fandom, it has sparked ongoing debate on what the hell is going on in Hell.

What could the missing ring mean?


Tom Ellis showing off Lucifer’s ring.


Let’s put aside for a moment that one time, about five minutes before shooting the pilot, when Tom asked director Len Wiseman how he looked.

“You’re missing jewelry,” responded Wiseman.

So, Tom (according to his own story) ran back to costumes, grabbed a tray of jewelry and just picked out that black ring, which has now been seen in every episode.

“The truth is that ring made it on Lucifer’s finger five minutes before we started shooting the first scene of the pilot,” Tom once told an audience.

Get that story out of your head.

Let’s hope (pray as it were) that Tom was joking, and there is some greater meaning.



In Season 2, we learned the ring wasn’t just an accessory.

It’s the only thing that Lucifer brought with him from Hell, and he didn’t have in Heaven (otherwise Amenadiel would have recognized it and would have noted that significance is his ring.)

Amenadiel: What else did you bring with you to Earth, Luci? Your ring? I’ve never seen you without it; maybe that’s the key.

Lucifer: Well, the key to completing my ensemble maybe.

We also saw Lucifer scoff that the ring was a gift from his dad (God).

In the season 2 finale, Lucifer is knocked unconscious and stranded in the desert.

All his possessions are stripped from him, except the ring (and his pants).

In Season 3, Lucifer made sure his ring was not taken by Candy.

Lucifer: But, uh, I’m afraid that you can’t keep this little beauty.

Candy: No, please, please, please, I’m sorry, I’m sor-

Lucifer: Sentimental value. But, uh, you’re welcome to keep the cash.


Lucifer never told Candy why his ring had sentimental value.


In the upcoming season we may finally find out how it came to his possession.

With Tricia Helfer returning (as Lucifer’s mom) that could bring meaning to the ring, especially if it’s set in Silver City.

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And it could explain why Tom is suddenly not wearing it.

For the last couple weeks of shooting, Tom has been minus the ring in IG pics like this:


He wasn’t wearing it in his latest late-nite video:


And no ring in the recent ET interview:

So where the heck is the ring? Why is Lucifer not wearing it? Does it really belong to him? What does it do?

Here are some guesses from the fandom:

  • It controls his real appearance so humans can see him.
  • A possible connection to the Sandman?
  • Maybe its made out of the material of his Halo.
  • Maybe it’s not his but Lilith’s, the first woman in the world banished and rejected by God.
  • It’s a gift from dad (God).


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The ring is missing as they film Episode 4 of the final season.

We’ll keep you posted on when/if it returns!


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