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Dirty Tricks South Carolina Style

Dirty tricks helped Bush beat McCain in 2000 DIRTY TRICKS IN PALMETTO STATE NOTHING NEW Excerpt from  Front Row Seat at the Circus: One Journalist's Journey through two Presidential Elections by Jim Heath: To say the return to South Carolina in 2006 was painful for...

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New Hampshire Predictions

NEW HAMPSHIRE VOTES - THE WINNERS ARE PREDICTABLE The first-in-the-nation presidential primary happens today and the winners, when the votes are counted, will be all too predictable. On the Democratic side, Vermont's Independent Senator Bernie Sanders - from next...

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Sanders is Santa Claus

 SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE PAID FOR BY (UNKNOWN) I listened to Bernie Sanders giving a speech in New Hampshire last night as we approach a critical moment in Campaign '16. What I heard from him was, "free stuff, free stuff, more free stuff" with a plan to fix a 90%...

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GOP Governors Shine in Debate

  GOP GOVERNORS DOMINATE FINAL DEBATE BEFORE NH VOTES   The Republicans debate in New Hampshire Marco Rubio had a chance, with a good debate performance, to knock Chris Christie, Jeb Bush and John Kasich out of the race. But instead he was effectively...

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New Hampshire is #1

 NEW HAMPSHIRE LEADS THE WAY Excerpt from Front Row Seat at the Circus by Jim Heath. New Hampshire has been a great start to our presidential selection process. What political junkie has not stayed up until midnight on Election Day to watch the first returns come...

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MY TAKE ON IOWA On the Republican side, it was a great night for Ted Cruz. He held the critical Iowa evangelical votes, won convincingly (following Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum) and positions himself well heading into the southern primaries. Cruz had to win...

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Final Pre-Iowa GOP Debate Takes

The final GOP presidential debate before Monday's Iowa Caucus was held tonight. Here are my THREE TAKES. 1) Donald Trump didn't lose any of his supporters by not attending the debate, but he didn't gain any support either. If I'm an undecided Iowan I doubt his...

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Pre Iowa Dem Debate Takes

My 3 Democratic Debate Takes 1) Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both won. This is a battle of organization in Iowa and New Hampshire and they energized their own supporters. Clinton did score points, however, with the African American voters in the key state of...

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