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The Subdued GOP Debate

GOP DEBATE MY TAKES 1) This was a fine debate. Substantive issues including trade, jobs, Cuba, social security and climate change. This is what all the debates would have looked like minus Donald Trump. It makes you wonder, if he had not entered the race, who would...

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Welcome to the Circus!

Welcome to the new and improved Front Row Seat at the Circus.com! Here you'll find my latest blogs, analysis of the circus, links to the top political headlines of the day and other special features! The goal of this website is to put everything you need - from the...

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The Delegate Reality

Delegates nominate a candidate at the party convention While the state by state results of these tiny caucus states are interesting, it doesn't give you the reality of what is really happening in the presidential race. The fact is big states have big delegate...

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The Ugly GOP Debate

The Republicans Debate in Detroit My Takes from the GOP Debate 1) John Kasich saved the night for the Republican Party. He sounded responsible and refused to get down in the gutter, instead offering substantive answers to questions. Kasich will not win the GOP...

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Kasich’s Prolific Prediction

COULD IT HAPPEN?   John Kasich and Jim Heath "We’re going to get to the point these conventions are brokered. It’s going to happen one day, and there will be big fights on the floor and that will get everyone tuning in then." -Gov John Kasich to Jim Heath at...

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Romney & Trump: Then & Now

Donald Trump endorses Mitt Romney 2011 ROMNEY ON TRUMP: THEN AND NOW Exclusive excerpt from Jim Heath's Front Row Seat at the Circus. Throughout most of 2011, Trump—who owns resorts, golf clubs and business properties around the world—was rumored to be “seriously...

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Super Tuesday My Takes

Trump, Clinton Win Big On Super Tuesday SUPER TUESDAY MY 3 TAKES 1) Remember Super Tuesday was supposed to be the day Ted Cruz showed off his southern strength. A few months ago there was talk the southern regional evangelical candidate could wrap up the nomination...

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